RAWAJ Academy

The RAWAJ Youth Leadership Academy is a unique annual program established in 2019, targeting the youth of Kuwait. This national program is designed to equip young persons, ages 16-18, with the education and skills required to become a potential leader through the effective acquisition of new skills and behaviors that will help lead to an enhanced experience in university and a successful career. The objective of this program is in line with the Kuwait Vision 2035 for the development of Kuwait’s Human Capital and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The RAWAJ Youth Leadership Academy program is 17-day workshop divided over 5 modules whereas 4 modules will be conducted in Kuwait and the last module will be conducted at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom, between March and June 2019. The program admitted 20 of the highest performing high-school students from the State of Kuwait.

The program consists of 5 modules spanning the subjects of:

High-performing Team Management (ii)Fundamentals of Leadership, (iii) Self, Team and Time Development, (iv) Creativity in Solving Problems and Resolving Conflict, (v) Project Thesis & Graduation.

Strategically, this program achieves the one of the main objective of Kuwait Vision 2035 being the creation of a knowledge-based society by targeting this specific group of young productive individuals and prepare them for leadership.

  • Producing scholarly evidence-based research and advocacy to transform regional economies towards sustainable development.
  • Building capacity and raising awareness on the pillars of responsible investing, entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Developing and enhancing the skills and knowledge of future leaders towards economic and social prosperity.

The Group